B4RN projects
  • B4RNorth - Lancashire, Yorkshire & Cumbria
    • B4RN - the original project, covering Lancashire & Yorkshire
    • B4YS - sub-project bringing B4RN to the villages of Yealand, Silverdale & Storth
    • Clapham Hyperfast - sub-project bringing B4RN to Clapham, Keasden, Newby and Mewith
    • Bentham Hyperfast - sub-project bringing B4RN to Bentham
    • LEWFA Hyperfast - sub-project bringing B4RN to Lawkland, Eldroth, Wharfe, Feizor and Austwick in the Yorkshire Dales
    • B4SW - sub-project bringing B4RN to South Westmoorland
    • B4HR - sub-project bringing B4RN to Hutton Roof
    • Gigabit Broadband - a separate organisation, working with B4RN to bring the B4RN network to the north of Preston
    • B4RN Hornby and Farleton - sub-project bringing B4RN to Hornby and Farleton
    • B4PR - sub-project bringing B4RN to Preston Richard Parish - Endmoor, Summerlands, Low Park, Birkrigg, Milton, Crooklands, LA8 LA7
    • B4RN Barbon & Middleton - sub-project bringing B4RN to the villages of Barbon & Middleton
    • B4RN Parkfoot - sub-project bringing B4RN to Parkfoot
    • Caton & Brookhouse B4RN - sub-project bringing B4RN to Caton & Brookhouse
    • B4RN 4 Halton - sub-project bringing B4RN to Halton village
    • B4RN Casterton - sub-project bringing B4RN to Casterton
    • B4RN OK - sub-project bringing B4RN to Over Kellet
    • B4RN Warton - sub-project bringing B4RN to Warton
    • Hyperfast Dentdale and Garsdale - sub-project bringing B4RN to Dentdale and Garsdale
  • F4RNindependent of B4RN. Covering rural Nottinghamshire.  They aren't so far away from B4RN - maybe one day the two networks will be joined together?  Currently 100Mbps but with roadmapped improvements over time.
  • Gig4BIT - Scottish Borders
Non-gigabit projects with B4RN-like names
  • B4GAL - not a gigabit project.  A campaign group in rural Glencaple and Lowther, Scotland.
  • B4RDS - campaign group in rural Devon and Somerset including 4 zones now to be covered by Gigaclear.
  • B4Kernow - campaign group in rural Cornwall.
  • B4RL - campaign group in rural Lincolnshire.
Other rural projects, many using the B4RN business model
  • FibreGarDen (digitaldales) - rural Cumbria villages of Garsdale and Dentdale.  The project stalled due to funding difficulties and contractor dispute.  Obsoleted by Hyperfast Dentdale and Garsdale sub-project of B4RN.
  • Hucklow Net - Great Hucklow, Derbyshire
  • Tove Valley - South Northamptonshire
  • Herefordshire - 100Mbps
  • CommunityFibre - London
  • SWICH - independent of B4RN.  Covering a small community in Devon in the South West of England.
  • FibreLincs - independent of B4RN.  Covering Lincolnshire.  Abandoned due to GigaClear rollout to many communities. (but see B4RL).
  • Cybermoor - co-op providing 50Mbps fibre
  • West Oxfordshire (cotswolds) - 100Mbps fibre-to-the-home.  Acquired by Gigaclear.
  • Lothian Broadband - 30Mbps using fixed wireless.
Dark fibre suppliers
  • Zayo - they acquired Geo Networks which was the dark fibre company that has routes along the high pressure gas pipeline.
  • Gigaclear - a commercial provider bringing hyperfast (>500Mbps)  broadband to 16 counties including Oxfordshire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, Essex, Devon & Somerset and Herefordshire & Gloucestershire.
  • Gigler -ISP in Bournemouth, part of CityFibre
  • Hyperoptic - ISP installing and maintaining a fibre network in West London
  • CityFibre - a commercial provider with rings around 40 cities and large towns including Aberdeen, Bracknell, Bristol, Cambridge, Coventry, Milton Keynes, Northampton, Peterborough, Portsmouth, Southampton and Yorkshire.
  • SSE - Scottish Energy
  • Virgin - telecommunications company providing FTTP to 250k homes in 30 communities (as of Nov 2016).

Useful sites about rural broadband

Useful sites about benefit societies
  • Community Companies - some good general info about the different company vehicles available
  • Community Shares Unit - information, support and assistance with setting up a community shares scheme
  • Co-Op - support, information and assistance with setting up a a co-operative or mutual benefit society
  • Doogal - mapping parishes to postcodes.  Also provides population & household info by postcode although this info is readily available elsewhere.
  • Google Earth - free mapping software, can be used for manual route planning
  • Q-GIS - free mapping & route planning software
  • Network maps - website with useful links, from TelecomRamblings
  • Where I Live - Norfolk County Council
  • Batch Coordinate Converter - Convert eastings/northings into latitude/longitude
Suppliers commonly used by rural broadband projects.  This is not an endorsement, the information is provided to help new projects work on their business and finance plans.
  • Rainford Solutions - suppliers of OSP Cabinets.  B4RN case study.
  • GM Plast DK - suppliers of microduct, flatliners, ducting, fibre, tools, access chambers, fibre (passive) street cabinets, etc.  They also have some informative videos on YouTube.
  • emtelle - suppliers of microduct, flatliners, ducting, fibre, tools, access chambers, fibre (passive) street cabinets, etc.  They also have some informative videos on YouTube.  Based in Scotland.
  • Netgear - suppliers of M5300-28GF3, a reasonable and inexpensive fibre switch.  24x gigabit fibre ports, 2x SFP+ for 10Gigabit Ethernet backbone.
  • Juniper - suppliers of MX240 edge-of-network router
  • TNP - Company B4RN used (local to B4RN) to manage BGP stuff on the MX240 as well as OSPF configs
  • Smartoptics - DWDM with EDFAs supporting 32 wavelengths (16 bi/di ch)
  • APC Schneider Electric - uninterruptible power supplies
  • Genexis - residential gateway.  The manufacturer is based in The Netherlands.
Techie stuff
  • DWDM - primer on wavelength division multiplexing
  • DWDM - another primer.  This one is from SmartOptics
  • Peering db - which telcos and ISPs peer where?
  • FTTH Council -  an industry organisation whose mission is to accelerate the availability of fibre-based, ultra-high-speed access networks for the benefit of consumers and businesses.
Organisations to involve early