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B4RNorfolk is proposing that broadband charges will be made up of a one-off £150 connection charge and a monthly service fee. We won't charge line rental. As our plans are at an early stage, all prices are to be finalised but we are reasonably confident that the prices will be unchanged. The prices below assume that B4RNorfolk will be VAT registered and therefore include VAT at 20%.


£150 connection#
£30/month service

Non-Domestic Users

• Micro businesses (1-5 site staff) and small schools (1-15 staff)*
£150 connection#
£30/month service

• Small businesses (6-15 site staff)*
£150 connection#
£60/month service

• Medium businesses (15-99 site staff) and medium schools (15-99 site staff)*
£150 connection#
£150/month service

# Where the property owner has installed the duct from their property boundary to the exterior wall of their house themselves or used their own tradesperson or a B4RNorfolk volunteer.  Where B4RNorfolk staff or contractors undertake this work, the standard price is £450 for distances up to 100m between your property boundary and the fibre router.  The B4RNorfolk office can provide bespoke prices for longer distances.

* Holiday cottages, caravan sites, larger businesses and schools, hotels, WISPs, etc all have special pricing plans that take into account their special circumstances.  Please contact the B4RNorfolk office for more information.

Schools, Churches, Village Halls

Places of worship are all offered a basic B4RNorfolk service for free. Small village schools on the other hand which can be very heavy users will not only benefit from our fast, unlimited service but will still only be charged a standard £25 + VAT/month… far cheaper than any other provider. Village Halls also benefit when they volunteer to host one of our cabinets, for which they receive free service!

Free Connection Offer

You don’t need to invest in B4RNorfolk to get a connection, but there are many benefits and if you invest £1,500 you’ll also get free connection worth £150. For more information on why you should consider investing please read B4RNorfolk Community/investors.